For people who love to cook.

Copper is the most suitable metal for cooking, no other material has a greater ability to conduct, diffuse and maintain heat. Our pots and pans are entirely handmade, every single piece is crafted exclusively by hand, hammered in various shapes and sizes. We make use of first-rate materials: copper and tin are 100% pure.

Main features

Our pots and pans are solid and heavy.

  • Copper, with 1,5mm thickness, conducts heat evenly, ensuring the best cooking performance.
  • The cooking surface is tinned with a traditional handwiping process using 100% pure tin
  • Handles are made of cast brass, ergonomically designed and fixed with copper rivets
  • A reinforced edge making them tough and shock-proof.
  • Can be used on gas, electric, halogen stovetops, including induction stovetops with interface disc.
  • The bright and shiny finish make them stylish and unique
  • Our care for design and details ensures maximum quality

Copper: the right choice!

Second to silver only, copper has got a superior heat conductivity, ensuring temperature control and heat distribution for a maximum cooking performance.
Copper is the most suitable metal for kitchenware, heat distributes evenly throughout copper pots.
Conductivity and heat accumulation allow a significant energy saving.
Pots an pans are also provided with an inner tin line which doesn’t react with food. Tin is an inert, hygienic, tasteless and odourless material. Food keeps its real taste, without altering nutritional properties.
The possibility to refurbish copper pots and pans by retinning their cooking surface make them actually everlasting.
Copper stands for elegance and charm, copper cookware are excellent for presentation and table service.