Pino Gasperini handcrafted copper,
passion and care for italian traditions

“PINO GASPERINI” is an Italian workshop established in 1970s. We are an example of typical local handicraft, one of the rare workshop still handcrafting copper in Italy. Our production is focused on manufacturing copper cookware, coking utensils and ornamental articles. Our manufacturing process is based upon ancient Italian techniques: welding joints with brass wire, shaping by hammer, tinning with an handwiping process. Our products are fully handmade according both to traditional processes and to the use of first-rate materials: which makes our articles definitely unequalled. Our workshop is also known for our high-quality retinning service and for the restoration of ancient copper objects.
Thanks to his passion and care for tradition, our Master Craftsman and founder Pino Gasperini was conferred the honour of “Cavaliere del Lavoro” by the Italian Government in 1984.

Making the soup pot

The soup pot is the queen of our production, the best example of copper handmade, especially the hammer shaping of copper.
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